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    About the Writer Hi there! ​ My name is Ashley and I am the founder of Hello Weekend & Co . If you've been following me throughout my journey, you probably noticed that this site is different from my OG blog, Ashley's Closet. Fresh out of college, I started my first blog with the desire to post about affordable fashions and styles for girls my age, but after a few years passed, I found that I wanted to write and share more than just fashion. ​ I immediately started working in New York City right after college, so I was already engulfed in the fashion and beauty world. Between the long hours and constant hustle and bustle, like most people, I would count down the days for when Friday came around. Whether you have plans for a night out, have to work, make brunch plans with girlfriends or catch up on some Zzz's - weekends bring different meanings to everyone. That's where I thought of the name 'Hello Weekend.' I found myself saying it out loud on Friday's - as the clock was nearing 5PM and I could feel the excitement of the weekend right around the corner. Hello Weekend is meant to be a lifestyle outlet for readers and with that, I hope to inspire you all with my latest finds, favorite items and more. Thank you for sticking by me and am excited to see what's to come of this! ​ Xoxo, Ashley Let’s Connect

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    Welcome to Hello Weekend & Co. Look around and get inspired by the latest trends in style, NYC Living, travel and more! Shop THE Weekend Store Free shipping on purchases of $50 or more using promo code weekend . Shop Aucun post publié dans cette langue actuellement Dès que de nouveaux posts seront publiés, vous les verrez ici. Join the mailing list Email Subscribe You're subscribed!

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